Threading Confused

Threading confused!

What is threading?

It’s basically getting a bit of twisty thread like this

…..and moving your fingers so that the twisty bits move from side to side, removing any hair that is caught under it.  See how the fingers are open?  They close in a pinchy motion, that moves the twisty thread down, the fingers on the other hand then do the same and the process is repeated until the hair is removed.

You usually sit in a barber’s chair and tilt your head back.  The threader will usually thread the stray hairs away and then ask you to stretch the eye area.  All you need to do is put one hand on your eyelid and one above the brow and er..stretch.  If your fingers are too close to the brow, the threader tells you how to move them so she/he can get to the hair.

When any stray hairs are left, the thread is put down and the tweezers come out.  If the threader spends longer using a tweezer than thread, then I’d bring that up.

What’s the difference between waxing, plucking, and threading?
Big difference- waxing just removes the hair and plucking takes too long.  While Threading gives your brows a shape removing all ingrown and fine hair Threading is all natural no chemical at all.  No more do’s and don’ts. Unlike waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal, threading is 100% eco-friendly. There’ll be no toxic chemicals and no electrical just two simple pieces of thread. So no hazard, all peace of mind and relax!!!

Waxing and plucking pull at the skin a lot more than threading does.  You know we get told to not pull on the eye area as it causes wrinkles? Think what waxing does to the brow bone area…and the upper lip.

Can you thread any part of your body?
A lot of people get their upper lips, whole face, and neck threaded. I wouldn’t suggest going to get your legs threaded as not only will you age about 40 years whilst waiting for it to be done, but there are also quicker methods to remove leg hair, and use something else for the rest of your body.

Does the hair grow back?
Yes. It’s similar to waxing in respect. But it is all-natural without any chemicals and very kind to the skin. Frequent threading makes your hair growth process slow down because it removes hairs from its follicle.

Does it hurt?
You’re getting hair pulled out by the root, of course, it will cause you some discomfort.  Having said that, It is totally down to the training and technique that people get for it.

If you constantly feel the hair being yanked out by the root, the chances are that they’re not properly trained.

Can I wear eye makeup?
You can but I wouldn’t suggest that you do.  Your hand will be on your eyes and then your makeup will smudge.  Plus, your eyes might water, and then your mascaras have done one too.

The lady who threaded my brows used a scissor, is this normal?
Yes, don’t panic.  Using a scissor doesn’t mean your brows will be hacked off.  I have read in countless beauty books that you should never trim your brows with scissors..and maybe you shouldn’t.  It’s different when someone who is trained is doing it.

What sort of aftercare is needed?

Aloe vera gel, the good thing about it is that once slathered it on, it dries and vanishes itself…which is a good thing. It will cool and calm the area down.

You can shower normal afterward without suffering from any side effects.

Why do you need aftercare?
Sometimes the area can go red.  You only get redness when you haven’t had them threaded for a while as the thread takes out more hair, thus there’s more room for irritation. People with a lighter skin tone can get this and that’s why you need something to calm the area down.

Also, you don’t want to be scratching and itching away at something when it’s sensitive as you risk drawing blood and that’s not sexy.

How long does the hair take to grow back?
Everyone is different so if your hair grows faster, you could find yourself back there every two or three weeks.  If your hair grows slowly, you could leave it for a month or five weeks.