10 Must Know Eyebrow Threading Tips & Tricks

Does the idea of eyebrow threading bring tears to your eyes, literally? Here are a few tips to follow that will put the smile back on your face.

Facial hair removal for women is a regular part of the beauty regime. Threading eyebrows is one of them. It is so common-place that most women don’t even think about it when getting their eyebrows done. However, there are critical dos and don’ts that make a world of difference to getting the perfect eyebrow.

Do you know eyebrow threading is an ancient art, originally from India and Nepal? In the west, the service was aimed at middle-eastern clients, but it soon became mainstream with Americans and Europeans also including it in their beauty regimen.

Threading uses a specially designed thread, folded once, twisted and rolled over the eyebrow. It is similar to tweezing, but where tweezing is good for facial hair removal, one strand at a time, threading removes a row at a time.

Top Tips For Perfect Eyebrow Threading

1. Choose the right salon

Sounds obvious, but note that not everybody who runs a salon can wield the thread correctly. Choose the right place to get your eyebrows threaded.

2. What is the shape of your face

The shape of your face should dictate the shape of your eyebrows. Do you want to hide the pointy chin, or draw attention away from round cheeks? Do you want your eyes to appear fuller or do you wish to subdue the wide-open gaze?

3. Thread after a warm bath or shower

The heat softens the hair, making it easier to pull out.

4. Keep away from eye make-up

If you’re one of those who are likely to tear-up, keep the mascara and eyeliner away on the day of the threading.

5. Prepare for the pain

If you’re sensitive to pain, apply a local anaesthetic gel to the brow area half an hour before threading.

6. Draw the outline you want with an eyebrow pencil

This gives you a guideline to work with if you’re threading your eyebrows yourself.

7. Dust before you thread

Dust a little powder on the threading area to soak up moisture and make it easier to thread.

8. Comb your eyebrow

Take a brow brush and comb your eyebrow upwards. This brings out its proper shape.

9. Avoid catching the skin between the threads

If you’re threading by yourself at home, prevent the painful catching of the skin between threads by letting the thread hover slightly above the skin’s surface.

10. Choose a comfortable position

If you’re threading by yourself at home, sit in front of a large mirror, with plenty of light on your face. Keep stepping away from the mirror to check your progress.

Post-threading care

Apply an ice cube or a cold bottle, or even a little aloe-based gel to soothe the brow region. Erase the lines and comb out the eyebrow. Use a tweezer if you spot any hair out of place still.