Spray Tan Tips

  1. Before we visit:
  2. • Don’t moisturise or use any body lotions on the day of your tan.
    • Wash off any make-up, deodorant and any other lotions before we arrive.
    • Exfoliate and moisturise the night before your tanning session – not on the day. Pay extra attention to dry areas like your elbows, knees and ankles.
    • Paint your nails and toenails, especially if they’re artificial.
    • Wax or shave at least 24 hours before we visit. Any sooner and your pores may not have time to close, giving a speckly effect.
    • If you’ve got long hair, tie it back off your face.
  3. While your tan develops:

  4. • Stay out of the bath and shower for at least eight hours. It’s a good idea to leave it overnight.
    • When you get dressed after tanning, stick to dark, loose fabrics, as tight clothes or underwear may make small marks. Flip-flops are the best choice for feet.
    • Avoid swimming and exercising for eight hours too.
    • Try not to touch your skin too much for the eight hours while your tan develops – this will prevent you from getting the tanning solution on your hands.
  5. Looking lovely for longer:
  6. • Pat your skin dry gently after showering or taking a bath
    • Try to avoid spending a long time in the sea, swimming pool or bath, as the water will make your tan fade more quickly. Sweating after exercise will do the same.
    • Moisturise your skin every morning and bedtime to keep it looking gorgeous. If you’d like to help your tan last longer, we can show you some brilliant products.
  7. Other things to know…
  8. We can usually manage last-minute bookings, so if you need to look fabulous in a hurry we’ll do our very best to get to you.
  9. FakeTanTastic covers most areas in Surrey,Hampshire and Berkshire including Camberley, Reading, Guidlford, Woking, Farnborough, Aldershot. If you’re a little further away, send us a message because we may still be able to visit you, may be with a small charge to cover our travelling.
  10. Customers with sensitive skin or allergies should have a patch test first. Please ask us about this when you call, and tell us about any other special requirements too.