Aftercare advise if you have had one of our treatments, or you are thinking about it, Please take a moment to read the aftercare advice, it is important that you become fully aware and understand what should be done by yourself both before and after treatment in the interest of your personal health, safety, well-being and to ensure you get the best results. Ensuring you read this, will also maximize and prolong the benefits of your treatment. If you have any questions, comments or worries, please contact us straight away.
After care – Facials
*Avoid applying make-up to the area.*Do not undertake any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours of having a Facial*Avoid direct heat, such as sauna, hot bath, shower or hot hairdryer.*Avoid UV treatments or sun exposure*Do not apply any other exfoliating skincare products for 72 hours after having a Facial*Do not apply perfume or perfumed products to the treated area within 48 hours of having a Facial*Undertake any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours of having your treatment*Protect your skin in harsh climates. Like the cold and hot sun. Use products that have a SPF.*Always cleanse, tone and moisturise your face; to prevent loss of moisture, protect the skin from make-up and to keep the skin soft and supple*Always remove all traces of make-up at the end of the day*Drink plenty of water (Recommended 6-8 glasses per day)*Eat a healthy, balanced diet – Include at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables*Avoid smoking and alcohol*Do not apply any other exfoliating skincare products for 72 hours after having a Facial*Use the correct products for your skin type*For long term results book in for regular monthly facial treatment*Feel free to consult me, should you have any concerns.*If redness or irritation occurs, apply a cold compress or cooling spray to the area. Seek GP assistance if it doesn’t improve in 24hrs.
Aftercare – Eyelash / Brow Tint
*A patch test will be necessary 24 hours before these treatments*Avoid heat treatments for 24 hours*Avoid sunbathing for 24 hours, as this fades the tint*Avoid putting your contact lenses back in for the rest of the day*Do not apply make-up or receive any other eye treatments for at least 24 hours after your treatment.*Do not touch the area treated*Avoid swimming/sauna for 24hrs*Avoid perfumed products for 24hrs*Oil base make up remover can cause the tint to fade faster*Sun/UV lights can cause the tint to fade faster*Keep lashes dry for at least 24 to 48 hours*Effects will start to diminish within 4-6 weeks as hair grows out*Eyelash color will last four to six weeks and eyebrow color 2 -4 weeks depending on the rate of growth of hairs*Although I do make sure every trace of dye is removed, it is possible that residues may remain. If any stinging or swellings, keep applying a cold dampened cotton pad, cold compress, or cooling spray to soothe, and then if it persists seek medical advice and let me know so I can put it on your record card.
Aftercare – Eyebrow Shaping Aftercare Advice
It is normal to go a bit red after treatment, especially for those of you with sensitive skin; redness usually goes down after the first couple of hours depending on the skin sensitivity. You should avoid the following for the next 24 hours *Sauna, steam room, and hot tubs as the pores are open and infection could occur*UV exposures as hyperpigmentation might occur.*Swimming as irritation might occur*Perfumed products/Fragrances, Sunbeds, Touching the treated area.*Avoid make-up to the area as infection could occur*Apply a soothing antiseptic cream, such as aloe Vera, to calm and soothe redness*Groom the eyebrows into shape using a brow/lash brush*To maintain the great shape, you should have an eyebrow   ‘tidy-up’ in 2-4 weeks*If the redness is still present after an hour, it is advisable to apply a cold compress over the treated area to soothe.
Aftercare – Artificial Lashes Aftercare Advice
The duration of your artificial eyelash extensions very much depends upon how you will treat them. It is important to follow these guidelines to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions.*Do not use saunas or steam during the first 48 hours.*Do not pick, pull or rub your eyelashes.*Gently groom your new lashes with an eyelash brush or comb.*Apply thick liquid liner to the upper lashes to enhance the dramatic effect created with this look.*Avoid using waterproof mascaras as that will shorten the life of your lash extensions.*Lashes should not be permed or tinted, if you require eyelash tint you need to do this before the application of artificial lashes.*Make sure eye creams or moisturizers do not touch the lashes.*Only use water-soluble mascara.*Do not wash eyes or lashes with hot water or steam the face.*Do not use oil-based eye make–up remover as this can cause the adhesive to weaken and the lashes to fall out.*Have regular 1-2 weekly appointments for replacement lashes*Do not use any products near the eyes that contain oil, such as moisturizer, eye cream etc.*Have individual lashes removed professionally to avoid damage to your natural lashes*Use Lash Remover to remover Strip Lashes or oily make-up remover.*If you experience any itching or irritation, contact me as soon as you can. Aftercare -Waxing*Waxing Aftercare Advice – Please take a moment to read the aftercare advice below, it is important because the skin and the underlying structures have been stimulated, bringing newer cells to the surface and encouraging cell renewal in the epidermis. Therefore, it’s important not to stimulate the skin even more as this could cause redness, and irritation.Please note: some slight soreness, small bumps and redness are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions, particularly if this is your first waxing. These symptoms should subside over the next 24-48 hours. If you experience persistent redness or irritation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.*Do not undertake any other skincare treatments within 48 hours of having a waxing treatment*Stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds and heat e.g. saunas for 48 hours after having a waxing treatment*Keep skincare products to a minimum for 24 hours after waxing, then after 24 Hours, it is vital that you use a good quality moisturiserFor long term improvements book in for regular treatments and do not shave between treatment*Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction during the next 24-48 hours. This means:*No hot baths or showers (cool to lukewarm water only).*No saunas, hot tubs or steam treatments.*No tanning (sunbathing, sunbeds or fake tans).*No sport, gym work or other exercise.*Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with unwashed hands.*Wear clean, loose-fitting clothes.*Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools.*Do not apply deodorants, body sprays, powders, lotions or other products to the area, other than those recommended by your therapist.*To soothe and protect the skin, apply an antiseptic cream to the waxed area regularly for 3 days following your treatment.*Always wash your hands before applying any product.*To prevent ingrown hairs: starting a few days after your appointment, gently scrub the skin 3 times a week in the bath or shower using a loafer or exfoliating mitt. Also moisturize the area every day, which will keep the skin supple and help new hairs to grow normally.You may notice a small amount of regrowth after a week or so. It can take up to 4 treatments for your hair to get on a growth cycle that gives best results.Hair needs to be at least.1/2 cm long before it can be successfully removed by waxing; please do not shave between your appointments.To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeksAfter care – Make-up Aftercare AdvicePlease take a moment to read the aftercare advice below; this is important because you need to know how to maintain the finished result, howTo re-apply certain products and how to achieve this look yourself. You also need to know how to remove the make-up at the end of the day or when the occasion is over.Be aware of allergic reactions – in the event of this, remove with damp cotton wool, and apply a soothing lotion such as calamine lotion.*Avoid swimming, heat treatment, such as steam, sauna or hot tubs and hot environment.*Avoid UV treatments.*Avoid touching the face*Remember to remove your make-up at the end of the day. Use oil-based eye make-up remover for stubborn eye make-up and waterproof mascara.*Try to cleanse tone and moisturize your face twice a day using products suitable for your skin type.*Exfoliate one to three times a week to brighten the complexion.*Apply an appropriate mask after exfoliating to clear the skin and bring natural radiance.*Give your skin a day of ‘rest’ so it can return to its normal pH and prevent the chance of break-out and stress of the skin.*If false eyelashes were applied, please follow the instructions on removal, provided by your make-up artist or book a designated appointment.These tips will help you to prolong wear of your make-up application throughout the day, and to look after the skin.*We advise you to have matching face powder, eye shadow and lipstick to touch up during the day.*Avoid touching the face*Use a spray fixative or setting powder to make the products on the face last longer*Use blotting sheets/paper that soak up excess oil on the skin without ruining makeup*To re-apply lipstick, do this with a lip brush and blot, apply lip *gloss.*You may wish to consider booking a make-up lesson, this will help you to select colors which are right for you, trendy and teach you the basics of everyday make-up application.*If redness or irritation occurs, remove the make-up and apply a cold compress or cooling spray to the area to reduce the heat. Seek GP assistance if it doesn’t improve in 24hrs. Aftercare – Massage, Wraps, Back Therapy Treatment, Massage & Facial Combinations (see also Facials)Avoid alcohol and heavy meals for 24 hours after treatment always drink plenty of water after treatment do not undertake any other body treatments for 48 hours after treatment stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds and heat e.g. saunas for 48 hours after treatment keep skincare products to a minimum for 24 hours after treatment stay relaxed and keep warm for 12 hours after treatment for long term results book in for regular treatments and use the home care products prescribed as well as a SPFWraps – in addition to the above please do not drink tea, coffee, alcohol or fizzy drinks for 48 hours following a wrap please avoid bathing or showering until the following day ( additional tightening and inch loss occurs for up to 12 hours)Please support your body wrap with a healthy diet and regular exercise
Long-term aftercare advice everyone has differing stress levels and trigger points so what is stressful for one person is not the same as for another. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing and keeps us focused and in peak condition for important events or performances – but too much stress will have a negative effect and how we cope with it differs greatly between individuals. Take time out and enjoy simpler pleasures. Activities which connect back to Mother Earth, such as gardening, are excellent take up yoga, meditation – anything that allows you to enjoy an activity to the extent that you are living ‘in the moment’ and are completely absorbed, so cannot worry about anything else. Food with good friends is as therapeutic as some salon treatments after the treatment you may experience various reactions none of which you should be concerned with. The body has been stimulated and relaxed and it is now adjusting to this by ridding itself of toxins and working on any problem areas that have been treated.*Just after your treatment, you should:*Relax for a while after a treatment.*Wrap up warmly. You might feel cold after a treatment.*Take care when driving home as your reflexes might be slower. You may feel faint or tired.To get the best result from your massage you should:*Drink plenty of water, fruit juice or herbal teas. Your body might have been drained of lymphatic waste and toxins which may result in being thirsty and the water will help flush all the waste and toxins away. Water will help the detoxifying process and to rehydrate your body.*Have a bath to continue the relaxation process or listen to soft relaxing music*Have a nap or rest if you can – it will make the muscles relax and make the massage last longer.*Pay attention to general posture. Sitting and walking up straight is of importance.*Within 12 hours, you should not:*Have a heavy meal after a treatment – allow 4-6 hours. Your body is in a healing state and is thus resting – massage stimulates the digestive system and therefore might make you feel nauseous.*Drink a lot of caffeine drinks (tea, coffee, red bull) or stimulants – allow 12-24 hours. Alcohol might cause dehydration.*Use a sauna, steam room or sun bed.*Smoke – allow 12-24 hours Rush around – exercise vigorously – allow a few hours. This will limit the effects of the massage.*Do not ignore your body’s messages. You might feel faint, tired and/or thirsty. Following your massage treatment you may experience over the next few days some of the following contra-action:*Cold like symptoms*Increased sweating*Stuffy, blocked or runny nose*Heightened emotions–high or low*Sleepy & fatigued or deeply relaxed*Irritable*Temporary worsening of symptoms*Increased thirst*Increased urination*Erythema (reddening of the skin due to increased blood supply): increased blood supply promotes healing, flushes muscles (of lactic acid and other toxins).*Apply cold compress on any redness and if no changes after 24hr, see your G.P. Massage has been found to have many benefits, including:*Increases blood circulation*Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells*Maintains the collagen fibers which give skin its   elasticity.*Moisturises the skin*Nutrients circulate more effectively*Improves body posture.*Help in the remover of toxins.*Reduces muscle tension.*Relaxes the mind.*Improve the skin color and tone.*Improves joint mobility.*Relieves muscular tightness, stiffness and spasm*Increases flexibility in muscles*Helps to free adhesions, break down scar tissue and decrease inflammation, restoring a range of motion to stiff joints Improve muscle tone and balance, reducing physical stress placed on the bones and joints good dietary habitGood diet will make massage more effective. They can work in conjunction to provide certain benefits ranging from weight loss to a calmer outlook. Both make you feel healthier In many ways -that is, if you follow the right diet for you and with good and regular massage. Below are steps you can follow to help de-stress and look after yourself*Try and exercise regularly (something you enjoy – swimming, walking, gym, yoga, cycling)*Take time out for yourself and try to slow down*Enjoy a hobby or spend time with friends or family*Try deep breathing to release stresses and strains*Try to release knots in shoulders by rolling them and stretching when at work*Be kind to yourself (do not try to do too much)*Try and eat a well-balanced diet (plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables)*Have a good diet by having your fruits and vegetables*Incorporate some exercise routines in your day, this could have a positive effect on your psychological and physical being*Drink plenty of water, fruit juice or herbal teas. Your body might have been drained of lymphatic waste and toxins which may result in being thirsty and the water will help flush all the waste and toxins away. Water will help the detoxifying process and rehydrate your body.