Health Benefits Of Warm Water: 6 Ways Drinking Warm Water Can Heal Your Body

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Health Benefits Of Warm Water

There are a few steps that I always take when I’m applying my makeup. For example, I always apply moisturizer but I only sometimes apply primer. I always curl my eyelashes but I only sometimes use lash fibers to add length.

Tightlining, or applying eyeliner as close as you can to the area that your lashes grow from, is now a daily staple in my routine. I never used to think about it, and occasionally I would get comments from readers suggesting that I do that because you could sometimes see a gap between my liner and my lashes. I have thin lashes, and I just didn’t “major” on that part of my makeup routine.

More recently, I’ve been liking the lighter look of just a dark or black eyeshadow as eyeliner versus a heavier line of a kohl pencil or gel eyeliner. But I was missing the definition for my lash line!

So my latest eyeliner routine is as follows.

  1. Wet an angled eyeshadow brush, press it into a dark shadow, and glide it across my lash line. It will dry a bit lighter, and I like to give it a good minute or so to dry.
  2. Pick up a gel or clay liner, I’ve been loving this one, and press it into the base of my lashes, from the top and the bottom. Don’t drag the brush! Just press it in. This will create a “line” from where your lashes grow, and ultimately fake the look of a thicker lash line.

I love the definition it gives without looking too heavy along my upper lash line.

Even on super light makeup days, I’ll use this trick for eyeliner and just swipe a little mascara on. It makes a huge difference to me and is a great trick to use this summer!

The gel eyeliner I used for this look is Tarteist Clay Paint Liner and I used this brush.

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